Play Free Games 2022 On Mobile App KalamTime


How Chat Apps Offer Free Online Gaming?

Following the Covid-19 lockdown, the gaming industry saw a huge surge in its sales as millennials drew more towards. Online gaming that helped them connect with their friends when social distancing took over. According to statistical data in 2020 the gaming industries have been valued at USD 173.70 billion. And expected to be valued at USD 314.40 billion by 2026. The very nature of multi-player games calls for effective communication before, during and after the game. This favorite pastime of yours through improved communication can help you catch up with your friends. Enjoy the best play free games feature of Kalamtime.

KalamTime’s New Feature of Free Gaming

The Real-time chat apps that allow inbuilt free gaming include KalamTime. An emerging instant messaging application with diverse features that appeal to users both nationally and internationally. KalamTime facilitates multi-user voice and video calls, you can send texts, share audio messages. Your location, contacts, documents, pictures, videos, and much more! The app is fully secured by end-to-end encryption and enables real-time translation. Where you can translate every text message to the language of your choice.

KalamTime supports all of the most spoken languages of the world. This is an added advantage meaning you can forge friendships and interact with people. Who are not native speakers of your language and belong to different nationalities and religions. As a result, you can play free games on the KalamTime app with international users as well without having to worry about communication and geographical barriers. Moreover, by enabling its users to convert text into audio messages or vice versa helps you share the outcome with as many people as you want. 

Zero Limit:

Through Zero limit with KalamTime you can also record and send videos and audio messages of unlimited length. These will simplify and assist your communication with other gaming team members when devising specific strategies or winning techniques. Additionally, the amazing group call experience will permit unlimited members to join in the call. The multi-device functionality allows sending messages on laptop or tablet when you don’t have access to the internet on your phone or you do not want to go through the hassle of pairing multiple devices. However, KalamTime eases your worries by providing a synchronized platform that works independently on all of your devices. This will subsequently accommodate a smoother gaming experience on any other device when your smartphone is not available so that you do not miss out on any fun opportunity.  

Three Categories of Game Chat Apps

There are many different types of games available in the market, some can be played on computers, smartphones, consoles, and some on tablets – all depending on the particular audience that they are targeting. 

Real-time Chat Apps with Inbuilt Game Playing Option

This strategy has been use by many social networking apps to retain their audiences for longer by providing them more means of entertainment. Inbuilt games within the chatting app are introduce by Facebook live games and Houseparty games etc. Here users can play and interact with the community of fellow users and thus stay on the app for longer periods of time. 

Gaming Apps With Chat Option While Playing Games

These gaming chat apps only allow the users to play if they are directly download from Google play stores in case of Android users and for iOS users the App store is need for this purpose. To attract the audiences, these gaming chat apps and their developers have strategized by launching these apps to mainly play and chat. This includes PUBG and Fortnite etc where these game chat apps have live voice chat features installed in them to enable better gamer engagement encouraging a more fun-filled and entertaining experience on the whole. 

Exclusive Gaming Communities To Play, Discuss, & Learn

The dedicate gamers who possess the necessary skill along with the passion, on these gaming apps are provide with. The perfect platform to create a global community with gamers worldwide who share similar interests. They can be more comfortable and familiar with the gaming industry. As well as the specific gaming segments and related issues. These gaming threads are very useful when it comes to reviewing games, news or guides for every gaming topic. And also help you improve your gaming ability allowing you to learn from other gamers by picking up their tips and tricks.  Exciting online video gaming facilities provided by gaming communities helps reserve their gamers by allowing them to join in anytime and play while having discussions through apps like Discord and Twitch. 


The best free gaming apps include features like user-friendliness, reliability, levels of security, and feature-rich messaging capabilities. Group chat, mobile messaging, live streams, voice and video chat, and more allow effective communication in multi-player games. Helping players stay connected and build communities.