WhatsApp down AGAIN?!


Whatsapp is down again, with users reporting outages in multiple countries. The popular messaging app appears to be inaccessible for many users, with some reporting problems with sending and receiving messages. It’s not clear yet what was causing the latest problems, but according to the officials, the outage was due to some technical errors with the servers. We think it’s time to switch to something more reliable like KalamTime.

Whatsapp is down again

WhatsApp is down again for many users around the world. The popular messaging app appears to have gone offline, with users reporting issues with both sending and receiving messages. There is also an issue with the updation of the message status.

The outage appears to be affecting users in multiple countries, including Pakistan, India, and others. WhatsApp has acknowledged the outage and has worked actively on resolving the issue.

Alas, this is not the first time that WhatsApp has suffered an outage in recent months. In May, the app went down for several hours, causing widespread frustration among users. Just know that if you’re having trouble using WhatsApp, you’re not alone. 

Outages reported in multiple countries

Whatsapp is down again – an outage was reported in multiple countries. This was a global outage, causing frustration among users worldwide. There were reports from India, Pakistan, Indonesia, the UK, and other countries as well.

Users were unable to send or receive messages for hours on end, causing a state of panic since it is one of the major means of communication worldwide. There were no double or blue ticks and people could not update their status either. This has been reported in multiple countries, so it’s not just you. 


WhatsApp was down today AGAIN, with users in multiple countries reporting that they were unable to access the messaging app. This is the second time in recent weeks that WhatsApp has experienced an outage, and it appears that the problems are affecting a wide range of users. 

Since instant messaging is a major source of communication, we think it’s high time we all switch to something more trustworthy and reliable, and that actually works worldwide (including UAE and Qatar, etc). Download KalamTime and decide through your own experience!

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