Best App For Privacy Chat And The Importance of Privacy Features:


Finding the best app for privacy chat has always been very challenging keeping in mind the widespread culture of scrutiny and data theft. The concept of privacy has always been very fluid among people living in different parts of the world. Some people get really worried about whether their data is being viewed by someone, while others simply do not care. As much as it is a personal choice to keep your information private or let it be open for anyone to see, there are pros and cons on both sides. Only an informed decision can help people in living a safe life just the way they want it to be.

So, what is the importance of privacy especially when it comes to personal conversations like the ones through KalamTime? What is the rationale behind keeping your information private or put everything out there in public? All these questions are asked here in this article. It will help you make a conscious and informed decision about choosing your privacy settings. Later, we will talk about the specific privacy features that KalamTime offers and how you can assess your need for privacy for all those features.

How do Privacy Issues Affect People?

There won’t be any bookstore in the world that doesn’t have a copy of “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” lying around. It is one of the most common books that you’ll find anywhere, and it highlights an issue that we wouldn’t have even imagined earlier. This and many other stories of whistleblowers make us realize how we are under surveillance all the time. For some people, it is not a huge problem while for the others it seems like their privacy is being breached.

There is one thing that people from both camps often forget, that apart from the governmental projects, they can save their privacy and decide things for all the apps and software they use.  But we are not much aware of our right to privacy and how these breaches can affect us. Hence the figuring out the best app for privacy chat seems challenging. Even if we rule out the possibilities of major losses like bank information, things like identity theft are always relevant.

There are multiple ways in which your identity can be stolen, but there are laws to protect you from every such problem. However, law and order do not work well in all parts of the world. That is why some people want to save themselves from the hustle of fighting against such breaches by simply keeping their information private. KalamTime offers a solution for its users where they can hide even their basic information so that their identity and privacy remain safe. You can choose whatever things you want to share with the world separately, giving you plenty of room to work according to your convenience.

Here are some important privacy features and the rationale behind using them on the KalamTime application.

best app for privacy chat

Personal Space is Important:

Personal space is something very important in the life of a person. But making people around you understand it becomes difficult at times. Imagine you came back home from a busy day or you are caught up with something and you do not have the energy to talk to anyone. If a person who texted you gets to know that you have seen their message and haven’t replied, they might get offended. Now it is very hard to explain this to a lot of people. The need for personal space is of vital importance and KalamTime knows this very well. The application allows you to disable the seen status from your account so that people cannot know whether you checked the messaged or not. This gives you peace of mind and protects you from unnecessary explanations.

Showcasing Your Age is not an Obligation

At times people do not feel comfortable publicly displaying their date of birth. The reasons could vary a lot and all of them are valid because the comfort of a person is beyond anything else. Therefore, KalamTime – the best app for privacy chat that you can come across, allows you to choose whether your birthdate will be visible in your account or not. With just a click of a button, you can make this change and be comfortable the way you are.

Peace of Mind and Comfort While Sharing Pictures

The biggest vulnerability that a person has when it comes to avoiding identity theft is a picture. It’s not that uploading a picture will naturally lead you to identity theft, the chances of that happening are very bleak. However, if someone feels like they do not want to show their face or their picture to people for some time while they have it uploaded, the privacy features of KalamTime let you make it private so that you can keep on using the app comfortably.

best app for privacy chat

Email Spam can be Very Annoying and Intrusive

Giving out your email address is not something new these days. Almost any form that you fill up or any website that you sign up to needs your email address. But openly displaying it on your profile can make you a victim of spam mail. If you do not want that to happen, the easiest way is to avoid displaying it openly and put privacy on it. KalamTime can do it for you with one click.

You don’t Want Uninvited Guests, Mails or calls

Another important thing that people feel like hiding at times is their address and phone number. Your contact information can be used to bombard you with unwanted stuff, and at times interfere with your privacy. Although in this time of today it is very normal to give out contact information openly, however, if this thing bothers you, KalamTime has got you covered once again. You can hide your address and phone number separately in your profile’s privacy settings. It takes a moment to make it happen.


In conclusion, there is no doubt that there are many ways in which our personal data can be extracted and used, but many people do not care about it enough until it interferes with their safety. However, the need for privacy is totally subjective and it can change with time. Hence, the best app for privacy chat that allows you to enable and disable the privacy of your information is the most convenient one, and KalamTime is proud to be just that.