Don’t Let Slow Internet Connection Spoil Your Conversations – Here is how!


I would attribute a slow internet connection as one of the most annoying and widely faced problems of the present time. Don’t tell me that you have never found yourself banging your computer screen because you cannot upload or download something. No matter which country you live in or how amazing your internet connection is, every once in a while, slow speed internet manage to spoil our day.

However, for some people, this problem is more real than anyone else. The people who live in remote areas and places with a bad internet connection with low bandwidth have to struggle with communication. There is apparently no way out of it because of the bottleneck created by the fast-growing technology and the inability of certain countries to catch up with it.

Here in this article, we will talk about the reason this bottleneck is created, how we can prevent it from happening, and most importantly, we will discuss one of the best ways to continue smooth conversations despite the slow internet connection in your area.

What is Bandwidth?

The idea of bandwidth is very simple and easy to understand. You can think of it as a highway with a specific capacity of traffic that it could allow passing through. If the flow of traffic increases more than a certain limit, the speed of traffic slows down. This is exactly the case with internet bandwidth. It is the data that can be transferred from one point to another in a set amount of time. It is usually measured in bit rate and the unit used is called bits per second of bps.

You must have seen the bps of your internet and realized that this same bandwidth that now feels too little once used to be very fast. So what exactly happened? Well, this is the dilemma that is posed by technological advancements. It creates a bottleneck in the time of cloud computing etc that in turn makes the people with slow internet connection suffer from new advancements rather than enjoy them.

What is Bandwidth Hogging?

Bandwidth hogging is a common slang term that you might have come across while ranting about your poor internet connection.  When a lot of people are using the same internet connection, certain bandwidth hogs use up more space than they should. These people actively download or stream the things that use more bandwidth and it makes other people suffer due to a poor internet connection.

There are certain ways in which a bandwidth hog can be detected. You can use the software programs that can help you reach the person who is using up more data than they should. This strategy can help in places where there are many people using the same internet connection. However, if you are at home or using your private internet connection, the bottleneck can simply be caused by the poor quality of the internet.

If you feel like your private internet connection is being hogged, you can use certain software programs to detect it, but we would recommend you simply change the password of your internet connection. If someone was stealing it, they won’t be able to use it then.

Running a Speed test:

Most of the internet connections that are being used in certain countries have become almost obsolete because they are unable to deal with the fast-growing technology. If you are worried that your internet connection is too slow and you might need an upgrade you have to run a speed test and be sure of it.

Now many people might wonder, why would we run a speed test and look for a bandwidth hog instead of simply upgrading the connection. Well, the answer to this question is as simple as it could be; we try to find a solution because upgrading internet connection is expensive.

Besides, the bandwidth bottleneck is not necessarily the only cause of a slow internet connection. At times, some hardware or software issues can lead to slow internet. Running a proper diagnosis is very important if you want to get rid of the problem without losing a lot of money in upgrading.

Why is This Issue so Significant?

When we are discussing the issue of bad internet connection, we have to focus on the things that really matter. The worst effects of bad internet are seen when you are talking to someone and your internet connection keeps on interrupting the conversation. This is true for business meetings and personal calls etc.

Now if you are downloading something, it won’t hurt to give the download a few more hours because of a bad internet connection. But if a conversation is interrupted, this communication gap can lead to a lot of personal and professional problems. There are many ways in which you can try to fix your communication, however, the simplest and easiest one is to use a messaging app that can adjust according to your internet connection and never let a slow internet connection slow down your conversation.

Choose Better Messenger!

This is the most important part of this blog and maybe the most realistic one too. The technological advancements are not going to stop because the internet connection in your area is not good. You have to keep up with the technology. However, there are certain software programs that are specifically designed to assist people with a slow internet connection. One of the best apps that should be mentioned here is KalamTime.

KalamTime revolutionized online messaging by providing certain top-notch features that no other app offered as a package. This app was specially designed for international and multilingual communication but it also offers all the benefits that any other messaging app can give you. However, KalamTime has something more to offer apart from the amazing features and services that you get. It is its ability to work even when the internet connection is poor.

Now you must be thinking if the app is working so wonderfully even with a slow internet connection then maybe it is a basic app with limited features. However, you are mistaken here because KalamTime not only offers you all the features of a contemporary mobile messenger but also a lot of other things that will make your experience worthwhile. 

Some of the most amazing features of KalamTime include its ability to translate all your audio, video, and text messages into a number of different languages in real-time. You can also listen to the audio of your text messages and get a written script of audio messages. Apart from that, sharing images, videos, documents, GIFs, etc. is very easy and simple with KalamTime. You can make audio and video calls to your contacts by choosing the voice quality yourself. This means that an internet connection will not be an issue when it comes to making online calls.

You can also make groups and carry out group calls and conversations with an unlimited number of people. All these features make KalamTime stand out as a messenger.

But this is not all! you are now getting all these features with low bandwidth internet connections too. KalamTime is revolutionizing digital communications and making technology accessible to the people living in remote areas and without fast internet connections. It’s about time we make a shift to this amazing application.