Importance of Alumni Associations in the Lives of the Students


Alumni associations have been a part of educational institutions for as long as we can remember. Human beings are always considered social animals. But by social we do not mean the normal social interactions that every individual has with another. This is something that animals also have. But what is something that makes human beings special? It is the bonds that we make. The feelings we attach with each other and with the places we live in or frequently visit. The ability to associate with someone or something is a huge part of a human being’s life, and it is important for the healthy functioning of our society.

At times the things we do regularly and the things that are part of our everyday life, lose their importance in our lives. We do not realize how important something was until we lose it, or it’s completely gone. This is the case with things like school, college, etc. But after we have lost these things, the inevitable loss, we try our best to relive them every once in a while. And this is the basic sentimental idea behind having Alumni associations. But there are many practical and worldly benefits associated with them as well.

Benefits of Having Alumni Associations

Staying connected with the place that gave you a chance to learn and discover yourself is refreshing and fulfilling no matter what. You can see the world from outside, but your heart always stays connected to what happens inside those institutions. The bonds that you build while studying, the friendships that you experience, and the love and hate relationship you have with your institution, everything becomes even more important as time passes.

Having an Alumni association will help you stay connected; it will help you in relieving some of your most precious memories. It will bring fulfillment and calm to your life otherwise busy life. On the other hand, you can have great professional relations with your peers who have reached somewhere important in their careers. It is surely a plus point to have good alumni relationships with professionals working in different fields. However, there are certain benefits that are beyond personal gains. These are the reasons why many institutions make Alumni associations in the first place. Here are a few of the benefits that an alumni association can provide you and your institution with.

Support for Juniors

No one reaches the heights of success without being pulled by the people above them. Our teachers, our seniors and every human being that existed before us paved a path for us to climb and eventually we reached where we are today. This means that we inherently have a responsibility to pave the way for the ones coming after us because the cycle shouldn’t be broken. The question here is, where to find help?

Well, in terms of an institution and career counseling, the best help is given by the people who have been in your position before you. These are the seniors. As a senior, all the members of the Alumni network work as mentors for their juniors to come. An alumni association works as a mixer or a socializing event that could guide the new brains and learn from the mistakes and experiences of their elders. The proof of this can be seen in the form of top colleges and universities in the world that are known to produce excellent graduates with highly successful professional lives. All of these institutions have well-organized alumni associations and these organizations play a vital role in making the path of current and future students easier and more direct.

Networking of Experts

Another very important benefit of closely-knit alumni affiliations is that experts belonging to different fields of business etc. come in one place. This can help the Alumni in collaborative efforts that will bear fruit for all the parties. It is a great way to socialize in the community and expand your horizons through your old fellows and schoolmates without any hesitation.

Links with Job Markets

Alumni groups of most popular institutions throw mixer events quite often. There are multiple reasons for the institute to arrange such events but why do the alumni take out time from their busy lives to join such events? Well, because it is a great way to find potentially talented new people for the companies that you work in. Juniors will attend such events to meet with experts of different fields and they will need advice and opportunities to get jobs that the seniors can provide very easily.

Living the Good Memories

This is the most obvious benefit of having alumni associations is that you can relive the moments from the past and most importantly it is a great way to strengthen a lifetime bond with your peers and schoolmates let alone your friends.

Scholarship Opportunities

There are many organizations that are looking forward to sponsoring young talent and finding the right candidate is important for them as well. Alumni mixers and other events are a great way for organizations and new talent to meet. The Alumni who belong to good positions not only help their juniors in understanding how the process works by sharing experience, but they also help them in getting connected to relevant people.

Personal Alumni Groups?

Having Alumni associations is not a new thing. People have been a part of their alma mater for many centuries. But the way these organizations work in the 21st century is very different. Apart from being a part of official groups, many old classes make unofficial groups as well. KalamTime has helped many students to reconnect with their classmates because of so many distinguished features that it offers. Finding your old classmates and adding them in one place for a personal space to have good conversations is made super easy by KalamTime and it has proved to be a very valuable tool for the expansion of all these benefits of alumni associations. No need to wait for your institute to arrange gatherings now, with the new technology everyone can connect with each other quickly through KalamTime.

How can KalamTime help you in Relationship Management?

KalamTime is a multipurpose app that is designed to facilitate a number of personal and professional needs of a modern user. Each and every feature of this app is accommodating for more meaningful social, personal, and professional communication. Using KalamTime for connecting with your seniors and Fellows as a group is one of the perks of this app. You can make specific groups and search for people by name.

KalamTime also offers multilingual communication. It makes it easier for international students and Alumni to communicate with each other in their own language. The app will automatically translate all the messages in their preferred language in real-time making it easier for international students to get help and guidance from their seniors.

Another striking feature of KalamTime is that the users can have group chats and meetings with an unlimited number of participants. This feature enables the relationships between juniors and seniors to grow very strong because they can interact and talk to each other both casually and formally whenever they want.

Lastly, Through KalamTime student organizations are not necessarily dependent upon their institutes to manage their associations. They can independently look for old classmates and seniors through the find friends feature and add them to the group. With the completely secure and safe usability of KalamTime, Alumni organizations can thrive and deliver all the benefits mentioned in this article along with much more.