KalamTime- An innovative solution for multilingual business meetings:


Business is a lot more than what we see on the surface, and an innovative solution for a good business venture requires a lot of consideration. There are people involved that belong to different parts of the world and have their own worldview. Some people are looking for things that they can flex no matter how expensive it gets. If you want to reach that point where people buy simple products from your company for the sake of flex, you have to focus mainly on the public relations of your company. You have to make yourself known in different parts of the world.

However, no matter which country you belong to, there are certain things that will help you in manufacturing your products or provide your services cheaper than the others. For example, if you want good and cheaper products, you will look up to China, and if you want cheaper labor, India or Subcontinent will be your answer. But there is one small yet very significant issue here; are you familiar with the languages that these people speak?

If you want to get something from China, communicating in English is a whole new burden. First of all, the people there mostly do not understand English. So, you might lose a chance to connect with an amazing supplier just because you were not able to communicate with them properly and never get access to the innovative technology solutions that China had to offer. Hiring a translator is a whole new problem, to begin with.

Keeping these barriers in mind, we developed an all-in-one application that will make communication easier especially for the business community apart from the general public. Out of the many benefits that KalamTime provides, real-time translation and automatic voice conversion are very important features for a good understanding of your business-related communication.  It is an innovative business solution that is equipped with everything a businessman might need. From voice command feature to complete SSL certification and 2 step authentication, KalamTime not only makes your business-related conversations easy and smooth but also very safe.

What is Business all about?

Whenever we talk about business the only thing that strikes our mind is a huge company or an industry that is mass-producing a product and selling it for a lot of profits. But is that really true? Is business all about this? The answer is yes if you think about big brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton but there is another perspective to it.

If business was all about production, why is the richest man on earth reached where he is with trading and not manufacturing? I am talking about Jeff Bezos here, the owner of Amazon, and the most famous person to come up with an innovative solution to contemporary problems of a consumer. He turned his life around through an online business by allowing different sellers to sell their products online. 

But he wouldn’t have reached the point he is at right now without having an international approach. If he had chosen to play safe and only keep his own country and his own language in mind while starting his business, he might have not reached the heights of success this smoothly and speedily. This is true for all kinds of businesses; you have to keep your mind open and broaden your horizons to be successful otherwise the competition will crush you over. In the past 2 decades, competition has risen significantly and the need for an innovative solution for business ventures is more significant than ever.

KalamTime has made all these new tasks very easy for the entrepreneurs and existing businesses by offering some of the most remarkable features of this time. Here are all the reasons why KalamTime is better than the other innovative technology solutions.

Connecting with New Suppliers is Easier:

Finding new suppliers for your trading business is a huge task especially if you are trading from a country with a foreign language. Communication is the key to find good suppliers, but the language barrier makes everything a lot more difficult than it is. However, KalamTime will assist you in that as well. You can not only talk to new people that you find online but also effectively communicate your business to them and learn exactly the pros and cons of working with them. It is a great way of choosing the best out of the lot for yourself and your company.

Easy Business Transactions:

Travelling is expensive, you cannot travel to the countries where you do business all the time since you will have to invest a lot of money in it. Even if you are already wasting your money on frequently traveling, there is another way out and KalamTime has made this option much easier than it ever was. You can now contact your suppliers, send and receive money by getting complete information about their whereabouts in your own language. No need to hire a middleman at every step at all. Save your time, money, effort, and business secrets just by employing a safe and reliable application like KalamTime.

Keep all your international Employees in the loop:

KalamTime also has something for international and multinational companies around the world. It is quite obvious that successful businessmen are not always equipped with the knowledge of all the languages people use who work in their company. This is where KalamTime will assist you once again.

You can connect with all your employees through groups and communicate with them in the language that you prefer. Explain yourself completely in your language and your employees can understand you directly in their own language. This is the best way you can give direct instructions and keep your employees in the loop without risking any miscommunication al all. The business has never been this convenient before.

Improve Multicultural Socialization of your Employees:

Every company that wishes to compete in the global market must make sure that its employees are competent enough to deal with the world. The owner or the board members of any big company are not the only representatives of that firm. Having impressive and well-informed employees is a very important task for any company. With KalamTime you can have meetings with your employees from different parts of the world and they all can socialize without having to use third-party applications for translation. This experience will boost their reach and prepare them to represent your firm at global levels.

Never let accent embarrass anyone:

Even if you have learned to speak a language, at times it is very difficult to make the other people understand what you are saying because of the accent barrier. KalamTime has efficiently solved this problem as well by allowing automatic audio translation feature. If you do not understand anyone’s accent, simply let the app assist you and help you understand everything in real-time without any delay or embarrassment.


All the features encompassed by KalamTime are unique and not available in a single application up till now. It is an innovative solution and this is a groundbreaking development – a new brick in next-generation communication between the people belonging to different parts of the world. Any smart business would leap on to enjoy the benefits of this new technology that can help them in growing their multinational and multilingual business setup.