Benefits of using Voice Command Feature


I grew up watching Richie Rich cartoons and I used to find them fascinating, not just because the storyline was catchy for any child, but also because we saw the professor creating so many wonderful robots and everything seemed super amazing but slightly unrealistic. Richie had so many robots and his house was completely automatic, all he needed was a voice command which to me sounded like magic back then. But here in today, even simple things like turning the lights on and off can be done with voice commands.

Voice Command Feature has become a frequently famous idea lately. From associations to people, the feature is broadly utilized for different points of interest it provides. Voice Command keeps on advancing at a quick movement. Utilizing voice acknowledgment to enter text, check how words are spelled and to direct messages has gotten simple. Most on screen consoles have a receiver symbol which permits clients to change from composing to voice acknowledgment without any problem.  Now that we have the feature around, there are many productive things that are being done using the efficiency of this feature. Especially when you can use it while working in the office or when you are busy dealing with other tasks. But is it a good idea to use it? What are its benefits? Here we have all the answers. To begin with, these are some of the benefits of using the voice command feature.

Ease of Communication

Yeah! We have the calling features available but still texting and messages have their own charm and fanbase. It is because people have control over what they are saying for more time and they can look at what they said and change it wherever they want. But typing, on the other hand, is a very difficult task especially if you have to do it often. In such a situation, the voice command feature becomes your best friend; all you have to do is to talk. The system enables user for speech recognition and makes a readable text. Then you can edit it just the ways you like it and send it to the person you intend to. Conversations are made easier by voice-command features and it is one of the most prominent benefits they offer.

Quick Document Turnaround

Human beings are still superior to machines because they have the ability to think or that they are conscious. Human beings have ability to rectify the errors while, machinery errors are controlled by them. However, when it comes to learned traits, they are far from being even comparable to the machines. Thus, the work of finding out a document yourself is much more and will take a lot of time as compared to the system. Machine is more compatible in this field. It is set up logically Quick Document turnout will make your work faster, smoother, and more efficient.

Time Saving

Voice Commands are an unmistakably more proficient of device than composing a message. Improvements are being made in technology to make life simpler and voice recognition is being implicit to more gadgets to help support comfort and effectiveness. Voice recognition programming has improved and, it has gotten altogether quicker and more precise at delivering text (through speech put together correspondence with respect to a cell phone) than we are at composing on other devices. It saves time and is effectively used because it has less chance of errors.

Work from any Place

You can be at home busy in your personal life and suddenly the phone buzzes. This is how office calls especially for people who have difficult jobs that need you to be there all the time. However, getting up from your personal life and going back to office work is such a bummer. But with voice commands, you can do everything without disturbing your normal lifestyle. So when you are busy with your kids or family and you get an urgent call from the office, all you need to do is to order your machine and get done with work right there and then.

Increased Efficiency

Machines are much more efficient, and they reduce the chances of human errors significantly.  Machines can work on formula we assign. We can make them according to our needs. If you try to do tedious jobs yourself, you will have to waste a lot of time on getting it done as compared to using voice-command features and letting the system do it. What you have to do is turn on your microphone, and speak. It will make your text readable and with the least time investment, you can get more work done. All thanks to voice commands for adding ease to our lives.

Simplification of Tedious Jobs

Are you tired of hectic and exhausting jobs? Office jobs are very tiring. These office jobs include a lot of document shuffling and procedures that are repetitive and make it difficult for a person to follow. The employee has to do a numbers of tasks to complete in a given time. However, voice commands work in a way to simplify your work. And help you in doing difficult and complex tasks easily and early. It gives an opportunity to a person to set free himself/herself by tedious and other exhausting jobs. It is much simpler to work with the help of voice command feature.


This is where the Richie rich reference feels pretty real. Ordering a machine to do things for you like typing a message, sending a file, calling someone, etc. makes you more efficient and helps you in multi-tasking. You’ll have to become a manager and let the machine be your employee. Speaker distinguishing proof expects to perceive consequently the talking individual dependent on specific data that is remembered for the rushes of the discourse. It is not only just one employee but a number of employees who will listen to your orders and deliver the best results.

Ease of Cross-Platform Sharing

You can use your voice command features to send files from one device to another without having to worry about connecting wires etc. Just tell the machine where you want your files to be and the connected system will do your work for you quickly and easily. Voice input in voice command feature uses the machines to perceive an individual by means of an expressed sentence. Those frameworks perceive a particular individual or for confirmation of a person’s asserted personality. All through the most recent, many years a wide scope of new advances in the speaker acknowledgment region have been cultivated. However there are as yet numerous issues that need comprehending or require improved arrangements. Thus it is a convenient cross-platform for sharing.

Easily Accessible

With the effectiveness and comfort related to the technology, it is in our access to open the available commands and select the voice command from the menu.  It is quick turning into an approach to help overcome any issues faced by experts, in tasks and in every day exercises. Voice recognition is getting more easily accessible and dependable. We can foresee that the technology has actualized more, across various productions. Today, buyer patterns are exhibiting quick appropriation of this new ability, with numerous organizations. Because of its effectiveness, people are now more likely to use the voice command feature.

Helps Building Confidence

By utilizing voice command feature, you’ll get an opportunity to rehearse your speech, talking style, and generally speaking clearness. furthermore that, since voice command feature will cause individuals to talk gradually and plainly, it’s an extraordinary advantage to individuals who experience the ill effects of things like dyslexia or even individuals who get anxious about talking openly. There are many matters a person is not willing to talk face to face, so he/she finds a way to convey his/her message.  They can talk with the help of this feature without any hesitation. It helps them to boost up their confidence level.

Prevents Accidents

Texting and calling while driving the vehicle, causes you challans and risking up the life. Voice command feature enables you to open up the microphone button and sent your message in the form of voice note. At the point when your eyes and hands are occupied, while driving, voice command feature is unbelievably valuable. Having the option to speak with Apple’s Siri or Google Maps to take you where you have to go decreases your odds of getting lost and eliminates the need to pull over and search out the place or read a guide.

Lesser Human Errors

No matter how smart we consider ourselves as human beings, the chances of human errors are very high especially when it comes to writing and doing some repetitive work. Machines, however, are pros at doing all this work and their chances of making errors in repetitive work are very low. We can also use voice control. It has all available commands that we need to make voices and make it as a readable text. It is very convenient to use. Hence, you get mistake-free work with the least amount of energy investment.

Safe and Secure

If you are still wondering whether you want voice command services to become a part of your life or not, maybe you are worried about your security. It is natural to feel threatened because deep down inside we are all worried about our security and trusting machines and software is not something we are good at. But don’t be worried, most of the time the voice command features come with complete safety features available. The voice of the speaker for confirming her/his character and gives control admittance to administrations like voice dialing, available navigation, Data-base access services and control of other security control. What you have to do is open the menu bar and search for the ‘voice command feature’.  So, you can enjoy all the benefits without any fear at all whatsoever.

Helpful in Business

Voice Command feature additionally makes priceless commitments to associations. Organizations that give client administrations profit by the technology to develop self-administration in a manner that enhances the client experience and lessens expenses. With the assistance of the voice command feature, guests can enter data, for example, name, account number, the purpose behind their call, and so forth without cooperating with a live specialist. Rather than having guests remain inactively on hold while specialists are occupied, associations can draw in their guests without live client delegates. That is the reason discourse voice command feature adds to cost investment funds by limiting or in any event, killing the requirement for live specialists while improving client experience.

Helpful for Disabled People

For some disabled individuals who may battle, or think that it is unthinkable, to work with a mouse, keyboard and other tools, Voice Command Feature empowers a universe of beneficial conceivable outcomes. It can liberate individuals from composing and console use, helping those with actual hindrances and decreasing the danger of injury from unreasonable composing or mouse use. Individuals with learning disorders can write more fluently, precisely and rapidly utilizing voice acknowledgment and may think that it is less distressing than ordinary writing. For managers, empowering voice command feature in frameworks and empowering its utilization in the working environment can be a ‘sensible change’: preventing victimization, and helps in the profitability of, handicapped staff.


With so many benefits in the sight, the voice command feature is something all of us would want to have. Voice command feature is an unbelievably helpful and popular advancement. Their fame is developing over all stages, upsetting significant businesses Voice-enabled technology is an incredibly useful and trendy technology. Their popularity is growing across all platforms, disrupting major industries, such as healthcare, social media, education, and travel. Users prefer voice control because it’s faster than typing and can be used hands-free, which is useful in busy households and while driving. It is the new way of living a more productive life and it is only smart to adopt it as soon as you can.