A New Group Call Experience with KalamTime


What is a Group call?

It is like a business meeting only that it is virtual. It aids team members stay in touch without having to meet in person.This is similar to a conference call as in including multiple members and parties. However, unlike a conference call, a group call allows equal input from all participants and not just the host or main speaker. This enables improved, consistent communication so everyone in the group is notified with the information all at once. Even originally recorded voice messages or previously clicked images and videos can be sent in a group set-up. Many companies use free conference calling apps or services for these purposes. 

Whatsapp offers a new feature to the collective group calls. Members can drop off and rejoin the calls depending on their availability and time by simply going to the app’s ‘Calls’ tab. Moreover, interestingly the app also shows the profile of those who are present in the call as well as those who are invited but haven’t joined the call as yet. The option of joinable calls makes the face-to-face meetup more genuine in the virtual world as the user is no longer obligated to join the call as soon as it is started. The person must have been busy so they are given the time margin to complete their unfinished work. Or if a job applicant is nervous and caught off guard by the group call notification of his Interviewer, the former can take a minute or two to relax and pacify his nerves before joining. 

Uses of a Group call

For more flexible relaying of messages and social interaction

Event Management

For instance when organizing an event such as a birthday, friends’ gettogether, an anniversary or farewell the necessary preparations can be made by the leader or host calling the group at a specific time. This way all details can be receive by the core team together and people can agree or disagree on decisions collectively. 

Social Groups and Clubs

When discussing issues of social justice such as women empowerment or financial independence, rights of minorities in Pakistan or problems relating to child labour, one needs a like-minded audience to convey one’s thought process. A group call lets other team members provide their input and opinions, backing you up or rebutting your statement. This is a healthy constructive criticism environment in the presence of all participants. 

Educational Teams

Working on a group project or assignment in a collaborative manner is vital for an exceptional team effort and work ethic. Through group calls all members are aware of their individual responsibilities and tasks. The instructor can send in collective guidelines about the coursework and all active members can respond with the progress they have made thus far.

Business world

In corporate businesses, conference or group calls are a must for coherent communication since geographical distances and inflexible working hours may be a hurdle in assembling the entire team in one place at one time. Briefing the business partners or clients with the company’s future strategies has become easier especially after the outbreak of the Pandemic. Remote working has given precedence due to social distancing and people prefer working from the safety and convenience of their homes. If you’re looking for remote job vacancies you can find them on Jooble. Therefore, free group calls have enabled entrepreneurs to be just a click away from making worldwide business deals and establishing relations with potential customers.  

KalamTime offers an Exceptional Group call Experience

KalamTime is an instant messaging application which allows secure and effective communication for both personal and professional purposes. It allows real-time translation features, documents, images, and video sharing, audio, video and conference calls, and much more. This app maintains its privacy policy by limiting third party intrusion of the users information. There is end-to-end encryption and a perfect security network. This is a hundred percent free app and can easily make multi-party voice and video calls in addition to sharing messages, videos, photos, documents, contacts, location, audio messages and files in a secure way.

KalamTime has special high, medium, and low bandwidth settings. Selecting the low bandwidth setting allows internet calls to work well in low bandwidth areas, where calls through other calling apps do not work. Even when your internet is slow, you simply need to go into network settings and choose the speed of the internet you want to run it on.

No matter which device you are using. All you need is to log in to KalamTime on that device and all your chats will be delivered to that device, whether iOS or Android. This way you can stay in touch anywhere be it at home, office or school. Other messaging apps like Whatsapp don’t offer such innovations. 

A New Group Call Experience – No Limit on the Number of Participants on Calls

Audio and Video Calls

Call your contacts for free with KalamTime. KalamTime offers both individual and group voice and video calls with amazing voice and video quality plus other features.

Group Calls

There is no limit on the number of participants in a group call. Add as many participants as you want and have fun!